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Splat 7, by Kamikaze Stoat on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Splat 7 (Kamikaze Stoat/Flickr)

Hi, I’m Tom, a Boston-area microbiologist-turned-science writer. I’ve been writing in one capacity or another since 2000, when I finished my master’s degree in microbiology and immunology and realized that I was much better at writing about science than actually doing it. (Take a look at About the blogger for more.)

On “You’ve Got Some Science On You,” you’ll find  everyday science…things that any of us might come across on any day. Like why petting feels good, or why we swing our arms when we walk, or what mucus does. We might talk about  drugs and medicines that help us stay healthy or cure disease, where they come from, how they work, and how they were discovered or developed.

Get in touch, let me know what you’d like to hear about. I tweet as @scribbler_tom, and you can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and at scribbler.tom [at] nasw [dot] org.

If you tweet a question for or comment about the blog, please use the hashtag #scienceonyou.

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One final note: I apologize for the ads that appear at the bottom of some posts. I did not place them there (they’re the price of having a free wordpress.com-hosted site), and I receive no revenue from them.

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