Ever flown through a brain?

White Matter Connections Obtained with MRI Tractography by Xavier Gigandet et. al. on Wikimedia Commons. Used under Creative Commons license. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:White_Matter_Connections_Obtained_with_MRI_Tractography.png

The brain’s white matter (Xavier Gigandet et. al./Wikimedia Commons)

Brain imaging is awesome. And what’s really awesome is that new MRI and EEG technologies are giving researchers — and us regular people — the tools to virtually fly though the brain.

Carl Zimmer, science writer extraordinaire, recently pulled together three fly-thru videos in a post on his blog, The Loom. Here’s what I think is the coolest of them:

It combines MRI data on brain structure with EEG data on brain activity to show signals moving through the brain in real time.

See the other two videos here. Enjoy the flight.


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