Science Small Plate: Special IgNobels on Science Friday Edition (November 29, 2013)

Cover of the playbill from the 2013 IgNobel Ceremony

(Annals of Improbable Research)

Still recovering from your Thanksgivukkah feast? Ease your digestion by listening to today’s re-broadcast of the 2013 IgNobel Prize Ceremony on NPR’s Science Friday. Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, Science Friday airs that year’s IgNobels, the prize that makes people laugh and then makes them think.

You’ll remember I wrote about the 2013 winner’s the day after this year’s ceremony back in September. The honorees this year conducted groundbreaking research on things like astronavigation by dung beetles, running on water on the moon, and what happens when a zoologist eats a shrew. The full winner list is on the IgNobel website.

To whet your appetite, here’s the stream of last year’s prize broadcast. This year’s broadcast starts at 2:00 EST. Check to see if your local NPR station carries Science Friday, or stream it live.


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