Science Small Plate (September 6, 2013)

Lion by elPadawan on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license.


Did you miss me? Let me make it up to you…here, have some science.

  • Sometimes a lion just needs  good cuddle. (With another lion, that is.)
  • How many viruses are there out there that infect mammals? If you extrapolate from the number (55) that have been found in the Indian flying fox (a kind of bat), you get 320,000. But it’s only a back-of-the-envelope calculation, and is likely to be way low.
  • While where on the subject of numbers of things, a healthy human has about 3,000 chemicals in his or her pee. This according to a study that cataloged what’s called the human urine metabolome.
  • The CDC recently released a study looking for any risk of learning or behavioral problems associated with the number of vaccines kids get early in life (which, if you follow their recommended schedule, is a lot). The results: “We did not find any adverse associations between antigens received through vaccines in the first two years of life and neuropsychological outcomes in later childhood.”
  • Would you want to have your newborn’s genome sequenced at birth? What would that mean medically and ethically? A study in Boston aims to find out. (Disclosure: The hospital where I work, Boston Children’s, is one of the lead institutions in the study.)
  • It’s not really science, but is science-related: Lego has broken down a brick wall (see what I did there?) and released a female scientist minifig:

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